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Where wood is planned, one finds wood shavings - a proverb that suits almost every work environment. The filling of loose, bulk materials with packing lines from HAVER & BOECKER is already dust-free and without product loss. But wear and tear of individual parts and thus declining performance is part of the normal life cycle of all line components. For this reason we at HAVER & BOECKER recommend regular maintenance of the entire line down to the smallest detail and a stock of the most important spare parts. Rolf Vossloecker from HAVER Service Support explains what needs to be taken into account and why the expert HAVER & BOECKER spare parts assessment provides good protection against unexpected downtime.

Behind the scenes: The HAVER & BOECKER service experts
Rolf Vossloecker has been a technician at HAVER & BOECKER for 25 years. In 2015 he started his current position in service visit planning in the HAVER Service Support.

Preventive maintenance for long lifetimes
"The best protection against unexpected downtime is the regular maintenance of all components. During a HAVER & BOECKER spare parts assessment, the system is prepared for preventive maintenance and adjusted accordingly. Here our service technician specifies which spare parts need to be replaced over the short or long term, as wear and tear become apparent or - based on experience - can occur after a certain period of operation. For this purpose, our technician inspects the entire packaging machine during operation and determines which problems are currently present and which ones could develop. As a customer you will receive a list of the required spare parts as well as a recommendation as to which parts you should have in stock at all times to allow you to take action as quickly as possible.”

More than a diagnosis
“Our trained HAVER & BOECKER mechanics, mechantronic specialists or electricians know the machines down to the smallest detail and where and under what conditions wear occurs. They look at the machine and its environment as a whole. If our technicians notice minor discrepancies during the on-site inspection, they will take additional optimization measures after consulting with you. In addition to an expert, value-free description of the packing system’s condition and a list of spare parts, you will also receive a check-over and possible optimization of the weigher parameters, the functional sequences on the bag applicator system and packing system, and the current software version.”

The advantages of a spare parts assessment
“You reduce the possibility of production downtime through regular maintenance and coordinated spare parts availability. This increases the operational availability of your entire packing line with wear that’s controllable. The costs for these regular, smaller maintenance jobs as well as the original spare parts are easy to calculate. To maintain warranties and the perfect flow of the entire line, we recommend the exclusive use of original spare parts from HAVER & BOECKER. Why? Parts from other suppliers are produced differently. While the original parts are designed according to the real machine drawings and are therefore 100% compatible, copies may have the wrong dimensions or may not meet the requirements in terms of material. In addition, our original spare parts are generally downward compatible, thus making them suitable for older models. We would be pleased to advise you on a spare part assessment and which further maintenance programs are available for your packing line. Please contact us!

Your advantages and benefits

  • Most important spare parts available on site
  • Reduced downtime, or none at all
  • Maintaining warranty for original spare parts
  • Extended lifetime

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