“The RADIMAT® is a modern-day money printing machine. There is simply no better way of improving profitability, productivity and performance of a packaging system, than be making sure, that you make use of every possible opportunity to fill the bag.” / Klaus Siewecke

Have you ever attempted to manually place valve bags on a rotating high-performance ROTO-PACKER® consistently? After considerable practice you may actually succeed in doing so for a brief period of time, but it is nearly impossible to uphold that kind of performance for a complete shift. How do you solve a problem as vital as this? The answer is simple, you automate the bag placing process by installing a RADIMAT®. Bundles of empty bags are placed into the feeding belt. 

These bundles are conveyed into the machine. The RADIMAT® lifts each bag individually using air and opens the valve opening. As the spout of the ROTO-PACKER® approaches, two small high speed conveyor belts are quickly pressed against the bag body. This momentum shoots the bag out of the machine onto the spout. The RADIMAT® can do this up to a speed of 6,000 bags per hour with an accuracy rate of up to 99,5%.

Further information about the RADIMAT® can be found here.

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