HAVER INLINE - Stationary packing system arranged in a row

Inline packers from HAVER & BOECKER, known as the HAVER INLINE, are stationary packing machines for filling fine and coarse bulk materials into 25 to 50-kg valve bags made of paper, polyethylene or polypropylene. Also mixed and granulated products can be filled with our inline packers at speeds of up to 1600 bags/hr, depending on the flow properties.

Your product determines the system

Depending on the properties of your product, we select the right filling system, e.g. with air or turbine, and the appropriate filling unit. Your speed requirements determine whether the HAVER INLINE is equipped with two, three or four spouts. Each spout can have a filling speed of up to 400 bags/hr, depending on the flow properties of the product.

For filling products that have special requirements, we gladly deliver the inline packing machines by HAVER & BOECKER in stainless steel.

Level of automation

The inline packing machines are available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic versions. That means a manual or automatic bag application is possible. For greater cleanliness over the entire filling and subsequent transport process - until the bag reaches the consumer - we recommend equipping your HAVER INLINE with an ultrasonic bag-closing unit.

To boost productivity, it is also possible to add a HAVER automatic bag applicator.

Your advantages:

  •  Precise weighing during the filling process guarantees the highest level of weight accuracy
  • You can switch over to other products, bag types and bag formats quickly and easily (paper, PE, PP)
  • Our inline packing machines require little space
  • Easy accessibility facilitates maintenance and cleaning work


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