Automate your Packing with Haver FFS System


The most suitable bulk packaging systems for powders and granular products

Fill your bulk goods with a Haver & Boecker FFS machine today. You'll be glad you did! These high-speed systems offer clean, tightly locked, and compact packaging to protect the product from breakage or exposure while extending its storage time beyond what would otherwise have been not possible.

All processes in one unit- Form, fill, seal.

• Free setup, including free inspection

• Fully adjustable sealing of the bag on all sides

• Automated filling process with high output rates of more than 2,400 bags per hour for a variety of applications

• Continuous PE film ensures reliable product protection

The most appropriate system for your product

We recommend our HAVER FFS packing machine systems for filling your grainy and granular products into plastic bags. Your powder-type goods get packed compactly, protected from the weather elements with ADAMS technology - it's perfect if you need an enterprise-level solution! The Haver FFS has been filling pasties and liquid products for years!

Installed and operational at your site quickly

FFS systems are quick and easy to install, thanks to our single integrated design. All system components - bag forming down through filled bag discharge- can be built into one complete package that doesn't require any extra work on your end!

HAVER ADAMS® - A brand name for powder-type products.


The Haver Adams® FFS packing machine technology is a revolutionary way to pack powder-type products. The innovative PE bags are sealed and compact, so you can quickly ship them!

HAVER FFS – for granulate


Haver FFS systems are a proven choice for filling grainy and granular products into plastic bags. They provide the best of both worlds: economy with high protection for your product! The stationary HAVER FF's system is perfect if you want to save time while providing excellent quality at an affordable price - all in one package!

HAVER FFS liquid - for liquid filling


With our innovative technology for filling pasty and liquid products into PE bags made from tubular films, the Haver FFS has set a precedent in production. The fully automatic system is efficient with high-quality results every time!