“As a result from continuous innovation of our high performance net weighers, now up to 2,400 discharges per hour with a consistently high level of weight accuracy can be achieved when filling free-flowing granular material.”

The HAVER net weigher’s low maintenance needs, rugged construction and compact size make it especially easy to install in existing filling plants. For providing operational safety, the double-bottom weigher trapdoors are equipped with a self restraining system and remain closed in the event of a compressed air outage. All corners are rounded as well. 

The filled volume of the container is up to 120 dm3 and allows a weighing range of 10 to 50 kg. Mobile filling plants require operator-friendly cleaning, and so all containers are now equipped with cleaning covers and protective enclosures designed as doors. 

The HAVER MEC® IV electronic weighing  system with three load cells make up an automatic weighing unit that’s easy to calibrate.