Cement – a very special material

Your product is the most important and best-selling building material for the development of our world: cement. We've got the concepts and solutions for storing, handling, packing, loading, dispatching and automating! Together with you, our customer, we develop the required solution. Whether it's manually operated single equipment or fully automatic high-speed complete solution: we not only offer the best machine technology, but also a complete concept that is suited to meet your requirements – down to the detail. 

Profit from success

Our cement plant of the future is a highly efficient process, which will empower our customers to gain an even better image, higher customer satisfaction, increased market share and maximized profits. In history, time and time again, quality has always won over price. This holds true today more than ever. Premium technology may be more expensive at the outset. To compensate for this, we will offer all the required financing. However, in the long run a premium built cement plant focused on automating the latest technology will always win over cheap solutions in product quality, operational expenses and human satisfaction.


Taking advantage of mutual strengths

HAVER & BOECKER is a family-owned and run, medium-sized company headquartered in Oelde/Germany. As the company’s global division for the cement market, Haver Cement is focused on designing premium cement processes by combining all technologies from silo inlet to final dispatch as well as the complete limestone quarry operations. In order to offer its customers process chains without any compromises, Haver Cement assembles nothing but the best technology brands; all owned 100 % by HAVER & BOECKER.


HAVER & BOECKER Niagara: While HAVER & BOECKER started to process minerals in 1930, W.S. Tyler got a head start in 1872. With technology centers in Germany, Brazil and Canada, both technology brands combine a wealth of knowledge in screening, washing and pelletizing. This allows for an optimal combination of technologies to design new plant concepts and processes for the cement limestone quarry operations world-wide.

IBAU HAMBURG (storage systems): Founded in 1975, IBAU is the engineering house located directly at the rim of the harbor in Hamburg. IBAU offers complete solutions for cement handling and storage as well as mixing and blending solutions. Signature IBAU Technologies are the cone silo, multi-compartment silos, ship unloaders and the design of cement carrying ships.

HAVER & BOECKER: Carl Haver and his cousin Eduard Boecker founded the company in 1887. In the mid 20’s the company began to build packing machines for cement. HAVER & BOECKER shaped the packing technology market when it introduced the world-renowned ROTO-PACKER® in the 1960’s. At the end of the 1990’s HAVER & BOECKER introduced the SEAL technology, capable of welding paper valve bags completely shut after the filling process. The latest innovation to the cement market is the ADAMS® technology, the first in the world capable of filling cement into plastic bags for better logistics and continuous production.

HAVER Automation: Founded in 2018, HAVER Automation intends to bring Industry 4.0 to the cement industry. HAVER Automation focuses on designing complete cement plant operating and logistics systems using the latest technologies such as cloud computing.

HAVER Engineering: As a by-institute of the Mining University in Freiberg/Germany, HAVER Engineering Development focuses on the design of new working processes within the cement industry. Whether in the quarry or in the packaging plant, HAVER Engineering analyzes procedures and systems, provides basic and further training, and designs build-operate-transfer (BOT) models for interested customers.