HAVER RADIMAT® – the bag applicator

Bag applicators for valve-bags from HAVER & BOECKER, known under the name HAVER RADIMAT®, automate and speed up the packing process. As opposed to feeding bags by hand, here you assure that the packing machine's Maximum capacity is reached. Empty valve-bags from a bundle or from a roll are placed mechanically onto the filling spout of the packing machine. This is synchronised with the filling and valve-sealing speed. Bag application is long-term and reliable.


Withover 1.200 installations we have automized the world and we are prepared to automize you.

The HAVER RADIMAT® offers a wide range of automatic bag applicators for all types of valve bags, from stitched woven to pasted PP or paper bags, or rotating and stationary filling machines. For stationary packing machines, speeds of up to 1600 bags/hr can be reached. For rotating packing machines, speeds of up to 6000 bags per hour are possible.

Glued or sewn valve-bags made of paper, polypropylene or polyethylene can be used. The applicating system is adjusted without problems to suit the various bag sizes. Various bag magazines are possible for supplying the empty bags. Rapid switchovers to various other bag types and formats therefore can be done.

HAVER bag applicators are modular and compact in design, and so they require little space.

Your advantages:

  • Constant higher packing output
  • Higher efficiency of installed capacity
  • Higher packing machine availability
  • Higher personnel health & safety  (HSE)
  • Personnel independency

Key Features

  • High application rate
  • Adaptable to all valve bag types & sizes
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Retrofit of existing plants
  • Compatible with all common packing machines
  • Modular Design
  • Flexible Project Design
  • Automatic adjustment to ROTO – PACKER speed
  • Automatic bag shape & size adjustment