Bag Discharge Line Bag Discharge Line Bag Discharge Line Bag Discharge Line

Bag Discharge Line

The HAVER bag discharge line is positioned directly at the point of discharge of the filled bag from packing machine and transports the bag to the belt conveyors leading to the palletizer or the truck loading machines.

The modular design of the HAVER bag discharge line offers you, the customer, complete flexibility. The individual elements are available as single components as well as a complete system. The different elements include:

  • The bag discharge belt conveyor, catching the filled bag as it discharged from the packing machine.
  • The bag directing belt, guaranteeing the correct positioning of the bag for the further bag transport
  • The bag cleaning station, located on top of the bag discharge belt conveyor cleaning the bag by the use of air
  • The Check-Weigher, verifying the weight of the bag after it has been discharge
  • The bag rejection device, sorting out potentially over- or underweight bags
  • The bag destroyer and sieve drum, automatically destroying rejected bags, separating your product from the packaging and re-feeding the material into the packing process while sorting out the packaging into a waste bin

Your advantages:

  • Reduced dust emission and lower wear and tear of the downstream equipment
  • Optimal preparation of the bag for the trouble free further bag transport
  • Additional bag cleaning
  • Ensuring the target weight of the individual bag
  • Automation of the bag rejection and destroying process

Key Features:

  • Capacity of up to 5400 bags/hr (suitable for a ROTO-PACKER® of up to 16 spouts)
  • Completely encased
  • Modular design
  • Suitable for all bag types
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Retrofit of existing plants
  • Compatible with all common packing machines