With the HAVER® DEAERATION TESTER, filling and air escape characteristics of powder-type, micro-granular, gritty and mixed products can be determined.

In addition, the through-flow resistance of a product is also measured. Using a pre-defined air pressure, the air flow in a feed line or a silo can be simulated

Many parameters can be determined using this unit and their interdependency on each other can also be determined:

  • Air pressure (mbar) = manometer
  • Air quantity (l/min) = air flow meter
  • Air absorption through the change in product volume (cm3) = scale - measurement column

Products conveyed in a fluidised state and whose bulk properties and aeration behaviour have to be determined, for example in:

  • Production
  • Silo systems
  • Filling systems

Additional components:

  • Automatic monitoring and recording of measurement results with a PC
  • Exhaust hopper with pipe
  • Exhaust filter with de-dusting
  • PC interface with software