HAVER TOPLINE® 2000 highest capacity with the lowest space requirements

The TOPLINE® 2000 requires minimum space and reaches speeds of 30 bags/min.

Functions of the TOPLINE® 2000

  • Empty bag placing done by a servo-drive bag unit
  • Product dosing and weighing with the HAVER® net weighers
  • Clean filling from low dust powder spouts
  • Product compaction during the filling process using a vibration unit
  • Secure bag handling and monitoring during the entire filling process
  • Dust-tight bag application rounds out the clean filling process
  • High safety standards because of photocells and sensors
  • Packaging speed is adjustable
  • Allan Bradley or Siemens controllers
  • UL-conforming electrical installation possible
  • Easy machine access facilitates cleaning work

Your result

  • Compact, rectangular-shaped, clean bags that are easy to stack onto pallets and to store while providing reduced material costs and bag handling.