HAVER ADAMS® for powder-type products

Stationary and rotating systems for different speed requirements

Clean, well shut and compact. That's how powder-type products are packed into PE bags using the HAVER ADAMS® FFS technology. Depending on the speed requirements and product properties, such as bulk density, flow and compaction characteristics, two systems can be considered:

  • HAVER ADAMS 1 is a stationary system with one filling spout,
  • HAVER ADAMS 2 – 12 is a rotating high-speed system with 2 to 12 filling spouts.

Rotating system for the highest speeds

The HAVER ADAMS® 2 – 12 is the latest machine variant. This machine represents the combination of years of experience with the HAVER ROTO-PACKER® and expertise in FFS technology. High speeds of 2000 bags/hr can be reached.